Rails&Ties is a Drama about a married couple and a boy who find together in an unusual way. Megan (performed by Marcia Gay Harden) and Tom Stark (performed by Kevin Bacon) have a hard fate, Megan has breast cancer for the third time, the doctors don’t see any possibility to handle it. The married couple has to face that she will die soon. As if that wouldn’t be enough, Tom who works as train man has a crash between his train and a car in which a woman, the mother of Davey Danner (performed by Miles Heizer), dies. While Megan and Tom experience how short life is Davey is looking for a new home.  He founds a lovely family in the Starks and makes Megan a wonderful few days before death. Whereas Tom opens his heart to the child and builds up a new relation to his adored wife.


A great movie with brilliant acting!

First of all, I have to say that I haven’t expected a movie in this dimension. First I’ve seen the cover I thought: „Okay, that will be a good movie, a simple story“. Then I’ve watched the movie…I rudimentary haven’t expect something like this. My expectation that it is a good movie hasn’t be confirmed, it is a great movie with a rich in content and internally consistent story! I get really surprised.

That movie doesn’t contain only one criteria of a great movie, it contains most of them, I guess.

The first criteria that is satisfied is the brilliant acting. You really feel to be a part of it and you feel the emotions. Marcia Gay Harden made a breathtaking performance. She allows you to be in it. She perfectly represents the emotions of Megan. You get an impression of the strength of her and the hardness of knowing you will die soon. I sympathize Megan’s loosing of believe, Marcia Gay Harden expresses perfect the absence of energy and power for fighting again. You see the hopelessness in the situation what makes you really sad because you feel like knowing that person and not want to loose her. There could have been no one better to express the presence of the role in this way. Kevin Bacon also did a great performance in the role of Tom Stark. You feel the love he is feeling for his wife. He lets you know how hard it must be to loose your love, the person who is by your side for long time. You understand his situation, the difficulties of knowing and seeing your wife will die soon although she is around you at the moment. The third one, Miles Heizer, makes nothing different, he takes you in the story too. As Davey Danner he has to figure out a tough situation. You realize the only person who matters for him is his mum, he feels very lonely because there is no one else in his life. Suddenly his mum gives up and suicides, at this point you really feel empathy for this boy, I was very sorry for him. He expresses very good what the boy is missing and the big wish and the needing of having a constant family with love and caresses. The three have fulfilled all the potential of the roles. You feel the love! Although Megan and Tom aren’t gentle at the beginning, you see the love. You feel they really love each other and no one else counts only by the looks to each other.

A second criteria is the great story, it is full of emotions. I’m very impressed by the fact that the story is heartbreaking and heart beating at the same time. While sadness is fulfilled the life there’s big love in the little moments. It is drama in a realistic way, you can imagine something like this happens in reality, in a life of a person you know although it is a hard and sad fate. The believability is very formidable.

The music is very suitable. It fits to what happens, the texts of the soundtracks express the feelings like the big love, it is accompanied by the melody which represents the sadness. A line of sadness pulls through the movie, in this line are little sequences of happiness, enjoying and living. So does the music, it underlines and emphasizes the love and the hopelessness of the situation. The soundtracks aren’t music you listen to in the charts, but after you’ve seen the movie, you are able to listen to it because you connect it to the movie – every song you listen, you are carried back into the scene of the movie.

Not every movie established to be watched more than one time, but this one did. You can watch Rails& Ties more than once and you will be inside the story every time. Your feelings are affected by the emotions in the film every time and you can cry all the time, although you have still watched it once. After the first time I felt like directly starting it again because I wanted to see more Megan, Tom and Davey. Now I have watched it three times and every time my heart was beating and breaking, I always was crying.

The story enables you to learn of it. I does, I learned for myself. I’ll take off that love is very important and very special. Only a few have the chance to meet their soul mates like Tom and Megan.
Sometimes there is no solution than giving up because there is a point when holding on is hurting more than giving up. So we have to accept what happens, also if we die young, sometimes there is no way out.
We all have the chance to make the best of our life before we die, we’re not supposed to waste time cause we don’t know when our time is over. If we want to do things it’s better to do them now, sometimes it’s too late.
The film expresses very well that knowing someone will die soon and loosing that one by death is the hardest thing happens in life.

Some things you know for certain…

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