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For me, public libraries would be a perfect place, except for one thing…
The public.”

John Milton wrote that a good book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit. And Paul Auster called reading his comfort and his escape.

If a person at death’s door does see her life flashing before her—meaningful images, moments of great beauty—what could possibly fly before my eyes in those final moments?

Where’s the beauty in a wasted life? And so the point of this trip? To create some beauty to play at the end. To make some pretty memories, even if it’s in a hopeless 11th hour of a pathetic life.

If it seems a foolish final wish, well, I haven’t done anything foolish in a while.

What’s the point? The good moments never last. I have no one to blame for this separation but myself.
It’s as if I received a shot that forever numbed to me. Only I gave myself that shot.

And he’s exactly right. It did not make much sense to take a shortcut on a final shortcut.

I wonder if I can feed myself to the wildlife from here up on the bridge. Would I wind up as a pair of boots? Or a handbag? Or maybe a belt? Go on, boys, make me an accessory.

I’m enjoying my final tour. Really, I am. There’s comfort in knowing I’m never going home. Unlikely as it may have seemed, I’m going out on a high.

Fitting in is a habit you either develop early or not. There’d be nothing more pathetic than attempting it now. Sitting amongst them would make it more obvious what a complete freak I am.

That’s the thing about a really great book. You can’t wait to get through it, but once it’s over it’s actually kinda sad.

““Remember, remember, this is now… and now… and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.””

I look like a woman who hasn’t worn a bathing suit in forever.

I don’t feel like a pathetic librarian anymore but I don’t really feel like myself either.

So whatever you do, just promise me this. Just promise me that you’ll remember that I had the best, best week of my entire life with you.

Your lips are like little pillows.

Everything’s great.

I traveled here to do a little living before I died. I guess I did a little too much living.


Jane, you do different things on vacation. You are on vacation. That’s why you came, right?

I knew a book talk would make you happy.


Women like sensitive men.


Juan and Jane:
Juan: “Well, I told you. I like words. I’m not too big on the books…
-Jane: “You could just pick up one and start.

Juan: “I want to start with the best book ever. Since you have read them all, which is the best one?

Why is that funny?
-Jane: “No, it’s just—That’s… an impossible question.
-Juan: “Why?
-Jane: “Cause there’s so many different kinds.

Juan: “You know…I’m Latin. I ask you all these questions about this. You know why?
-Jane: “Why?
-Juan: “It made you laugh. You should laugh in vacation, even if it’s at stupid me.


Anna and Juan:
Anna: “She told you read that?
-Juan: “No. I just wanted to read it. Is that so strange?
-Anna: “Yes! This is your first book…ever.

Anna: “Is she pretty?
-Juan: “Who?
-Anna: “The librarian.
-Juan: “I don’t know. Maybe.
-Anna: “How don’t you know? You look at her, don’t you?
-Juan: “Yeah, but I guess I just see how smart she is.
-Anna: “That’s so sweet, but that means she’s not very pretty.



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