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Mary Marino (performed by Marcia Gay Harden), a woman who loves to paint, suffers from a mental illness, schizophrenia. The desease affects the whole family, Mary, her husband John (performed by Joe Pantoliano) and their son Chris (performed by Devon Gearhart). One day she freaks out, in a way she never did, and hurts her son. Therefore the police is coming and takes Mary away. She is taken to a mental hospital for therapy to improve her mental situation, while that  John and Chris have to learn how to handle with the situation and the illness. Only the love has the chance to reunite the little family.


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Beautiful one showing the importance of holding together!

Canvas is a movie which is beautiful and simple, simple in the meaning of you haven’t to concentrate while watching the film. You can let yourself fall and just watch the movie. It’s suitable for everyone grown-ups, children, teenager, people in high age…It’s sad and happy at the same time but nevertheless you have the feeling like sadness starts the film and it ends up with happiness although the problem isn’t disappeared. You can watch it if you have a bad day or a problem, maybe a family problem, and you end up a little happier and brightend.

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There are two covers I’ve seen of it, they bring on different emotions in me. I think the first one I’ve seen fits better than the second. They are both simple but the first has a good expression of the inside and the feelings of the persons. You see the pain and the hopelessness in the eyes of them. Everyone who really matters is included, I think it’s important because it is about a family problem and the family is needed there. The second expresses the feelings of the boy but excludes the parents. You need every person, it is an internal problem which is bad for everyone, the mother, the father and the son, for no one more than the others.

The acting is appropriated. The credibility is impressive, the schizophrenia is performed truly real by Marcia Gay Harden. I got a good imagination of the mental illness and the affected persons feelings. Devon Gearhart made a great job in his expression of sadness and happiness, he made a good balance between both. Joe Pantoliano shows us how difficult it is to focus on life if you have to hold your family together. They all let you feel sorry for the roles by let you understand and comprehend every situation. The actors make it possible to imagine this happens in real.

It is a realistic story, a lot of families we doesn’t know are out there having exactly this problem but no one notices because they hide it, so no one is able to. The story is extremly close to watcher because of its credibility. The most important thing told in the story is love, family love to hold together.

The music underlines the sad and happy feeling. There are beauiful songs which improve feeling the situation the family is in. But there’s not only sad music, no, there are different kinds. It enables that you haven’t a constantly feeling of sadness.

The drama teaches things for everyone, young and old. It shows you the difficulties of a life with a mental illness, no matter for whom, whether an affected one, a spouse or children. A lot of people in public talk bad about humans with mental deseases like they are crazy or weird. The film teaches that no one has choose to be ill like this, I’m sure no one chooses that fate.It’s difficult enough for them to handle it, so you should not judge them or talk about them. Imagine someone you know will get a mental illness tomorrow and you will never see him like you do today, it shows something like this happens can change everything, maybe you will somone never get back. So use the time, no one knows what happens. It’s a pity that you can’t talk about your mental illness in public cause the judging, the rate of affected people increases, it need to talk about. This film represents perfectly how important family, love and holding together, no matter what, is.

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