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Mary Marino:
I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. I don’t know how many times a day I have to tell you I’m fine, I don’t need medicine, I don’t want you to telling me medicine, I don’t want paying for medicine, I don’t want it, I don’t need it.

I don’t care, I don’t like you calling people in the government and telling them more kinds of things about me. I don’t want the FBI to know madnesses.”

Chris? Chris, I love you!

I wanna come home. I wanna get outta here.

Chris is a good boy, he’s a kind boy. But you wouldn’t understand kindness. I love him and I would do everything for him. But you wouldn’t understand that.


John Marino:
When can I have my wife back?

You want your mommy back? Well, I want my wife back. I wanna back to normal. The whole, the way she was, the way she was when I met her. The woman I fell in love with!

She loves sailors. Just like mum is gonna like this boat. Three of us gonna have a great time.


Chris Marino:
I missed you.

You don’t know it’s like to see your mother act going crazy. You don’t know it’s like to have your friends laugh at you.


Good girl.


Hector Villarosa:
Don’t waste your money on this crazy thing.


John and Mary:
John(while talking on the phone): “It’s an illness, a mental illness.“-Mary: “No, it’s not.
-John: “She has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
-Mary: “Stop telling them that.
-John: “A physical mental illness, what’s the difference? Then tell me why?
-Mary: “Because I’m not crazy, that’s why!

John: “How are you feeling?
-Mary: “Tired.“-John: “Yeah, I know the feeling, but you’re getting a lot of rest, right? So, are you painting?
-Mary: “No.
-John: “Well, you should, Mary. Give you something to do.

Mary: “I wanna go back to the real floor order.
-John: “There’s only one floor, Mary, and we’re in it.


John and Chris:
Chris: “Everyone’s talking ’bout us
-John: “It’s nobodys business!
-Chris: “They say, you’re crazy too.

Chris: “I thought you couldn’t built it?
-John: “I couldn’t built it in the driveway. I found a loophole.

John: “When did I first kiss mum…well it wasn’t easy I tell you that. I had to earn that privilege, I think it was like, it was our third date, but was definitely on a sail boat.
-Chris: “Is that the burn the pidgeons?
-John: “Out of our family album?yeah. I tell you sth else, if we weren’t for that boat, you wouldn’t be sitting there.

John: “You thought of a name for the boat yet?
-Chris: “How ’bout “pain in the butt.”
-John: “So you want me to name it after you.


Mary and Chris:
Mary: “Do you remember me before?
-Chris: “Before?
-Mary: “Before, when you were little…remember at all? We used to go to the beach, can you?  Whenever a big wave came, you become running to me, laughing, always laughing. You remember?
-Chris: “Why can’t you act normal?
-Mary: “You’re a big boy now. You’re a young man now. There’s something wrong with me. But I think it’s treatable.


John and Hector:
Hector: “What are you doing here?
-John: “I’m building a sail boat.
-Hector: “A sail boat in a driveway?
-John: “I’m seeing that it don’t fit in the house.


Mary and another patient:
(The woman stole her brush)
Mary:”Here, take it…Here.(Gives her canvas)…Go crazy!
When you paint, they go away.
-Woman: “Who?
-Mary: “The voices.




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