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You are the nicest person I’ve ever met. You do this for a completely stranger.

Clean break hurts less.

We would not be self-destructive if we will making decisions for someone else, cause I don’t want to destroy your life and you don’t want to destroy my life.

I’m gonna work so hard to make you happy.

What if he’s dead? That’s the worst thing of being the other woman, we never know when they’re dead, who’s gonna send us an invitation to the funeral?


Suicide is an impulse act, if you just wait a little while, I’m sure you change your mind.

I can’t die, I need to stay alive, so that I can just destroy his future happiness. I actually have a reason to live, for a minute there, I thought I didn’t.

Men who don’t call, are never dead.

I know I shouldn’t drink but Life feels so painful drunk, that I don’t want to know how it feels like sober.

Maybe I have secret superpowers.

We can all do more. That’s what we do, we work hard, we get better, then we analyse our mistakes, we work hard again and we get even better. That’s life.

You just not need to spend the rest of your life waiting for a man to call.

Are you still worried about your acting abilities? I think you proved that they’re pretty good.

Fuck off, we were married for a long time, Lucy. We shared each others lives. My mother is gone and I’m about to lose my home and the only thing that’s gotten me through these last three weeks is this play and we’re just about to be laughed at the stage, so don’t expect me to make you feel better, okay?


We have no secrets here. We are a team. One for all and all for one.

That’s the best about being old. You’ve learned so much more about life, love never works out, we’re all going to die…

Lucy and Madelyn:

Madelyn: “Are you alright?
-Lucy: “What difference does it make?

Lucy: “If I tell you this, you not gonna like me anymore.
-Madelyn: “Well, I’m sure, I like you just as must as I like you right now.

Lucy: “Are you married?
-Madelyn: “I’m a big girl.

Lucy: “You’re like me. You’re so much like me.
-Madelyn: “I am nothing like you, we are exact opposites.

Lucy: “Your life sounds crappier than mine.
-Madelyn: “My life sounds crappier than yours?“-Lucy: “I’m not the one married to a man who’s cheating on me.

Madelyn: “You have to get on with your life, you can’t keep waiting for him to call.
-Lucy: “He is my life.

Madelyn: “It’s a tragedy. Everybody dies.
-Lucy: “That’s why I prefer comedies happy and things.

Lucy: “Why did you help me?
-Madelyn: “Because I started to like you.

Madelyn and Paul:

Madelyn: “Do you still love me?“-Paul: “Of course I love you, God, visits to your mother always get you down.

Madelyn: “Do you really wanna save this marriage?
-Lucy: “More than anything.
-Madelyn: “Then let’s talk in the morning.”

Madelyn and Derek:

Madelyn: “It’s scary. Why? We’ve been the adults for a long time.
-Derek: “Maybe because we’re next.
-Madelyn: “Do I feel more mortal, yes, but little, little, little too. Like a kid who can’t go home when she screws up because home just died in her sleep.

Madelyn: “When was our last first kiss? And did we even know it was our last. 
-Derek: “Then our first kisses where gone forever.

Madelyn and the crew:

Madelyn: “I can’t do this.
-Rainer/Crew: “Yes, you can, we believe in you.




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