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Kind Woman  Rails&Ties – Buffalo Springfield (Last Time Around)  Kind Woman Spotify

The Sweetest Gift  Rails&Ties – Sade (Lovers Rock) The Sweetest Gift Spotify

World Enough  Rails&Ties – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties)  World Enough Spotify

Sweet Thing  Rails&Ties – Van Morrison (Astral Weeks)  Sweet Thing Spotify

Smile  Rails&Ties – Mike Combs (Rails&Ties)  Smile Spotify

Into Dust  Rails&Ties – Mazzy Star (So Tonight That I Might See) Into Dust Spotify

I’ll Be Your Lover, Too  Rails&Ties – Van Morrison (His Band and The Street Choir) I’ll Be Your Lover, Too Spotify

In The Mirror  Rails&Ties – Nada Surf (The Weight Is A Gift)  In The Mirror Spotify

Siento en Mi Tu Corazon  After Words – Cristian Amado (Todo Es Posible)  Siento en Mi Tu Corazon Spotify

What Am I Gonna Do  After Words – Galia Arad (This is lost)  What Am I Gonna Do Spotify

Todo Es Posible  After Words – Cristian Amado (Todo Es Posible)  Todo Es Posible Spotify

My Love  After Words – Cristian Amado (Todo Es Posible) My Love Spotify

Esa Tristeza  After Words – Diane Denoir (Inéditas)  Esa Tristeza Spotify

Around  After Words – Seth Littlefield (Around) Around Spotify

Coming Home  Canvas – The 88 (Over and Over) Coming Home Spotify

Too Deep  Canvas – Lisbeth Scott (Rise) Too Deep Spotify

Rise  Canvas – Lisbeth Scott (Rise) Rise Spotify

Mother’s Death  If I were you – Paolo Buonvino, Emanuele Bossi (Quattro Padri Single) Mother’s Death Spotify

Distacco  If I were you – Paolo Buonvino (Ferrari) Distacco Spotify

Bad As I Am  If I were you – Great Big Sea (Turn) Bad As I Am Spotify

Life’s a Bitch Then She Sings in Your Band  If I were you – Beangrowers (Not In A Million Lovers) Life’s a Bitch Then She Sings in Your Band Spotify

In punta de piedi   If I were you – Paolo Buonvino (La matassa) In punta de piedi Spotify

Un bacio ancora  If I were you – Paolo Buonvino (L’ultimo bacio) Un bacio ancora Spotify

I topi non avevano nipoti  If I were you – Paolo Buonvino (Caos Calmo) I topi non avevano nipoti Spotify


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