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If I were you Quotes



You are the nicest person I’ve ever met. You do this for a completely stranger.

Clean break hurts less.

We would not be self-destructive if we will making decisions for someone else, cause I don’t want to destroy your life and you don’t want to destroy my life.

I’m gonna work so hard to make you happy.

What if he’s dead? That’s the worst thing of being the other woman, we never know when they’re dead, who’s gonna send us an invitation to the funeral?


Suicide is an impulse act, if you just wait a little while, I’m sure you change your mind.

I can’t die, I need to stay alive, so that I can just destroy his future happiness. I actually have a reason to live, for a minute there, I thought I didn’t.

Men who don’t call, are never dead.

I know I shouldn’t drink but Life feels so painful drunk, that I don’t want to know how it feels like sober.

Maybe I have secret superpowers.

We can all do more. That’s what we do, we work hard, we get better, then we analyse our mistakes, we work hard again and we get even better. That’s life.

You just not need to spend the rest of your life waiting for a man to call.

Are you still worried about your acting abilities? I think you proved that they’re pretty good.

Fuck off, we were married for a long time, Lucy. We shared each others lives. My mother is gone and I’m about to lose my home and the only thing that’s gotten me through these last three weeks is this play and we’re just about to be laughed at the stage, so don’t expect me to make you feel better, okay?


We have no secrets here. We are a team. One for all and all for one.

That’s the best about being old. You’ve learned so much more about life, love never works out, we’re all going to die…

Lucy and Madelyn:

Madelyn: “Are you alright?
-Lucy: “What difference does it make?

Lucy: “If I tell you this, you not gonna like me anymore.
-Madelyn: “Well, I’m sure, I like you just as must as I like you right now.

Lucy: “Are you married?
-Madelyn: “I’m a big girl.

Lucy: “You’re like me. You’re so much like me.
-Madelyn: “I am nothing like you, we are exact opposites.

Lucy: “Your life sounds crappier than mine.
-Madelyn: “My life sounds crappier than yours?“-Lucy: “I’m not the one married to a man who’s cheating on me.

Madelyn: “You have to get on with your life, you can’t keep waiting for him to call.
-Lucy: “He is my life.

Madelyn: “It’s a tragedy. Everybody dies.
-Lucy: “That’s why I prefer comedies happy and things.

Lucy: “Why did you help me?
-Madelyn: “Because I started to like you.

Madelyn and Paul:

Madelyn: “Do you still love me?“-Paul: “Of course I love you, God, visits to your mother always get you down.

Madelyn: “Do you really wanna save this marriage?
-Lucy: “More than anything.
-Madelyn: “Then let’s talk in the morning.”

Madelyn and Derek:

Madelyn: “It’s scary. Why? We’ve been the adults for a long time.
-Derek: “Maybe because we’re next.
-Madelyn: “Do I feel more mortal, yes, but little, little, little too. Like a kid who can’t go home when she screws up because home just died in her sleep.

Madelyn: “When was our last first kiss? And did we even know it was our last. 
-Derek: “Then our first kisses where gone forever.

Madelyn and the crew:

Madelyn: “I can’t do this.
-Rainer/Crew: “Yes, you can, we believe in you.




If I were you

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Canvas Quotes


Mary Marino:
I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. I don’t know how many times a day I have to tell you I’m fine, I don’t need medicine, I don’t want you to telling me medicine, I don’t want paying for medicine, I don’t want it, I don’t need it.

I don’t care, I don’t like you calling people in the government and telling them more kinds of things about me. I don’t want the FBI to know madnesses.”

Chris? Chris, I love you!

I wanna come home. I wanna get outta here.

Chris is a good boy, he’s a kind boy. But you wouldn’t understand kindness. I love him and I would do everything for him. But you wouldn’t understand that.


John Marino:
When can I have my wife back?

You want your mommy back? Well, I want my wife back. I wanna back to normal. The whole, the way she was, the way she was when I met her. The woman I fell in love with!

She loves sailors. Just like mum is gonna like this boat. Three of us gonna have a great time.


Chris Marino:
I missed you.

You don’t know it’s like to see your mother act going crazy. You don’t know it’s like to have your friends laugh at you.


Good girl.


Hector Villarosa:
Don’t waste your money on this crazy thing.


John and Mary:
John(while talking on the phone): “It’s an illness, a mental illness.“-Mary: “No, it’s not.
-John: “She has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
-Mary: “Stop telling them that.
-John: “A physical mental illness, what’s the difference? Then tell me why?
-Mary: “Because I’m not crazy, that’s why!

John: “How are you feeling?
-Mary: “Tired.“-John: “Yeah, I know the feeling, but you’re getting a lot of rest, right? So, are you painting?
-Mary: “No.
-John: “Well, you should, Mary. Give you something to do.

Mary: “I wanna go back to the real floor order.
-John: “There’s only one floor, Mary, and we’re in it.


John and Chris:
Chris: “Everyone’s talking ’bout us
-John: “It’s nobodys business!
-Chris: “They say, you’re crazy too.

Chris: “I thought you couldn’t built it?
-John: “I couldn’t built it in the driveway. I found a loophole.

John: “When did I first kiss mum…well it wasn’t easy I tell you that. I had to earn that privilege, I think it was like, it was our third date, but was definitely on a sail boat.
-Chris: “Is that the burn the pidgeons?
-John: “Out of our family album?yeah. I tell you sth else, if we weren’t for that boat, you wouldn’t be sitting there.

John: “You thought of a name for the boat yet?
-Chris: “How ’bout “pain in the butt.”
-John: “So you want me to name it after you.


Mary and Chris:
Mary: “Do you remember me before?
-Chris: “Before?
-Mary: “Before, when you were little…remember at all? We used to go to the beach, can you?  Whenever a big wave came, you become running to me, laughing, always laughing. You remember?
-Chris: “Why can’t you act normal?
-Mary: “You’re a big boy now. You’re a young man now. There’s something wrong with me. But I think it’s treatable.


John and Hector:
Hector: “What are you doing here?
-John: “I’m building a sail boat.
-Hector: “A sail boat in a driveway?
-John: “I’m seeing that it don’t fit in the house.


Mary and another patient:
(The woman stole her brush)
Mary:”Here, take it…Here.(Gives her canvas)…Go crazy!
When you paint, they go away.
-Woman: “Who?
-Mary: “The voices.




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Pollock Quotes


 Jackson Pollock:
I’m not doing nothing worth ship.

That’s a damn good picture. That works. You’re a damn good woman painter.

I’ve had enough. Take me in.

You know that part of our lives that’s supposed to be so special, the growing-up part? It was a damn hell for me.

I don’t let the image carry the painting. If it creeps in, I try to do away with it,to let the painting come through.

Well, if people would just leave most of their stuff at home and just look at the paintings, I don’t think they’d have any trouble enjoying them. It’s like looking at a bed of flowers. You don’t tear your hair out over what it means.

I owe the woman something. I’d be dead without her.


Lee Krasner:
No one is doing what Pollock is doing.

The most powerful work to come round the pike, there’s no three ways about it.

I wanna get married, Pollock. I suddenly want to. So, either we marry or we split, I think. I love you. I think you’re a great artist. I want you to paint. I want very much to keep living with you. But I want that commitment from you, too. You’ll have to make the decision.

My life is full enough with you, Jackson.

You’ve done it, Pollock. You’ve cracked it wide open.

Just be yourself.

You’re a great painter, Pollock. Just paint.

Look what you’re painting when you were sober. Now that you’re back on booze, do you paint real pictures? Stop crying about it and paint! You’re Jackson Pollock, and you don’t paint! It’s a tragedy, and I can’t stand it! Paint!

Letter: “The roses were the most beautiful deep red. I miss you and I wish you were sharing this with me. It would be wonderful to get a note from you. The painting here is unbelievably bad. How are you, Jackson? Kiss Gyp for me. Love, Lee.


Howard Putzel:


Peggy Guggenheim:
Now, these show something.


Clem Greenberg:
He’s original, he’s ambitious, but there’s a lot of mud. And the titles are pretentious. Muddiness, you know. Mud abounds.

What you’re doing out there, Jackson, is better than anything I’ve seen from you in a year or more. No I gotta backtrack. Peggy’s mural. That’s when I thought, “Here’s a great painter.”

Now, this is something. No matter how drunk you are…there’s one thing sacred you, not anybody’s feelings or anything like that. It’s your art. You’re not going to destroy your art. This is something.


Grocer/ Hans Namuth:
Best to find a quiet place, do what you have to do.


Jackson and Lee:
Lee: “What’s this? I see the head, the body. This isn’t cubism, Jackson, because you’re not really breaking down the figure into multiple views. You’re just showing us one side. And what is this, free association? Automatism?
-Pollock: “I’m just painting, Lee.
-Lee: “But what you’re doing, Jackson, and don’t tell me you don’t know what you’re doing…Are you experimenting with surrealism? Is this a dream? Even if it’s a dream, it’s still what you see. It’s life. You’re not just randomly putting paint on the canvas. You’re painting something. You can’t abstract from nothing. You can only abstract from life. From nature.
-Pollock: “I am nature.

Lee: “I went out looking for you. What are you doing to yourself?
-Lee:”You’re doing more than that.
-Pollock: “It’s like a storm, it’ll pass.

Lee: “How did it go in there today?
-Pollock: “Thought you might make a table or something.
-Lee: “What?
-Pollock: “Get yourself working again.

Pollock: “We’re husband and wife. I wanna have a baby. Our baby. That’s what the…That’s what the progression of things is about. That’s what the union is about.
-Lee: “That’s not what the union is about.
-Pollock: “What else is there?
-Lee: “That’s not what it’s about, Jackson…For me. The vows don’t stipulate baby. I am not going to bring another life into that. We are painters, Jackson. We don’t  have any money. We don’t get by. We struggle. But you are a great artist. I believe in Jackson Pollock. There’s you, and there’s the painting. And you, you need, you need, you need, you need! And I don’t wanna be anywhere else. I don’t want to be with anyone else. But that’s all I can handle.


Jackson and Peggy:
Peggy:”That the mural goes on and on, Clem says, is what makes it so good. He thinks it’s a great painting. I think you found yourself a champion.
-Jackson: “It’s all bullshit, anyway.


Jackson and Clem:
Jackson: “No one knows I fucking exist. Who the hell’s talking about me?
-Clem: “Jackson, it’s new stuff. You got to give it time. And what you’re doing is the most original and vigorous art in the country.

Clem: “You had a good ten-year run. Everything’s gorgeous.
-Pollock: “Gorgeous isn’t good enough.


Jackson and Life Magazine:
Life Magazine: “How do you know when you’re finished with a painting?
-Pollock: “How do you know when you’re finished making love?




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After Words Quotes


For me, public libraries would be a perfect place, except for one thing…
The public.”

John Milton wrote that a good book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit. And Paul Auster called reading his comfort and his escape.

If a person at death’s door does see her life flashing before her—meaningful images, moments of great beauty—what could possibly fly before my eyes in those final moments?

Where’s the beauty in a wasted life? And so the point of this trip? To create some beauty to play at the end. To make some pretty memories, even if it’s in a hopeless 11th hour of a pathetic life.

If it seems a foolish final wish, well, I haven’t done anything foolish in a while.

What’s the point? The good moments never last. I have no one to blame for this separation but myself.
It’s as if I received a shot that forever numbed to me. Only I gave myself that shot.

And he’s exactly right. It did not make much sense to take a shortcut on a final shortcut.

I wonder if I can feed myself to the wildlife from here up on the bridge. Would I wind up as a pair of boots? Or a handbag? Or maybe a belt? Go on, boys, make me an accessory.

I’m enjoying my final tour. Really, I am. There’s comfort in knowing I’m never going home. Unlikely as it may have seemed, I’m going out on a high.

Fitting in is a habit you either develop early or not. There’d be nothing more pathetic than attempting it now. Sitting amongst them would make it more obvious what a complete freak I am.

That’s the thing about a really great book. You can’t wait to get through it, but once it’s over it’s actually kinda sad.

““Remember, remember, this is now… and now… and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.””

I look like a woman who hasn’t worn a bathing suit in forever.

I don’t feel like a pathetic librarian anymore but I don’t really feel like myself either.

So whatever you do, just promise me this. Just promise me that you’ll remember that I had the best, best week of my entire life with you.

Your lips are like little pillows.

Everything’s great.

I traveled here to do a little living before I died. I guess I did a little too much living.


Jane, you do different things on vacation. You are on vacation. That’s why you came, right?

I knew a book talk would make you happy.


Women like sensitive men.


Juan and Jane:
Juan: “Well, I told you. I like words. I’m not too big on the books…
-Jane: “You could just pick up one and start.

Juan: “I want to start with the best book ever. Since you have read them all, which is the best one?

Why is that funny?
-Jane: “No, it’s just—That’s… an impossible question.
-Juan: “Why?
-Jane: “Cause there’s so many different kinds.

Juan: “You know…I’m Latin. I ask you all these questions about this. You know why?
-Jane: “Why?
-Juan: “It made you laugh. You should laugh in vacation, even if it’s at stupid me.


Anna and Juan:
Anna: “She told you read that?
-Juan: “No. I just wanted to read it. Is that so strange?
-Anna: “Yes! This is your first book…ever.

Anna: “Is she pretty?
-Juan: “Who?
-Anna: “The librarian.
-Juan: “I don’t know. Maybe.
-Anna: “How don’t you know? You look at her, don’t you?
-Juan: “Yeah, but I guess I just see how smart she is.
-Anna: “That’s so sweet, but that means she’s not very pretty.



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Rails&Ties Quotes


N. B. Garcia:
…but if you don’t spend time with her now…you’re gonna regret it the rest of your life.


Megan Stark:
I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.

Sometimes I think he can´t stand to be around me.

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
   Rage, rage, rage
  Against the dying of the light.”

We don’t have any options. I have days, weeks, maybe months.

I’m done fighting, Tom.

You’ re like sand, Tom. The harder I try to hold you, the quicker you slip through my fingers

I don’t wanna relax. I wanna live.

And I would like spend what little is left of my life doing exactly what I want to do…

I thought I had all this time…to be a woman. To be a wife…and a nurse, and a mother.
Then I found out I didn’t. I just didn’t. I don’t have any time.

I’m not afraid to die. But to think that I haven’t lived? That terrifies me.

I’m asking you to do this for me.

Tom…It’s gonna be okay.

People like to follow rules…

I love you, Davey. And I will stay with you. I will. Forever. Righthere.
(she’s touching his heart)


Tom Stark:
Don’t keep a lady wait.

I want you to know whatever happens…we’re in this together.


Tom and Megan Stark:
Tom: “Come on, there’s gotta be something.
– Megan: “There’s nothing.

Tom: “If I don’t work the rails, I’m nothing.
– Megan: “You’re my husband.

Tom: “What the hell are we doing?
– Megan: “I don’t know. I don’t know, but it feels good. I feel better than I have in a long time.”

Tom: “It used to be simple, you know? Black and white. There was a right thing to do and a wrong thing to do.”
– Megan: “Life is more like a gray area, Tom.
– Tom: “Not everything. Some things you know for certain.

Megan: “I don’t want you to have any regrets, Tom. Not because of me.
– Tom: “No, honey, I won’t.

Megan: “Promise.
– Tom: “Anything.
– Megan:”To fight for him. He is so much like you.
– Tom: “Whatever you want.
– Megan: “Promise.
– Tom: “I promise.





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