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Jane (performed by Marcia Gay Harden), a librarian for whom books are her life, turns into depression after she loses her job. She decides to give her life a final short cut by suiciding. But she wants to see some last beautiful things before she dies. So Jane travels to Costa Rica to explore the beautiful nature and to end up life. There, she meets the younger man Juan (performed by Óscar Jaenada) who works as tour guide and makes his living off the single female tourists who come there. While Jane has to fight with her depression Juan has to pay for his daughter(Anna performed by Jenna Ortega)’s school without having money. Together they go on an adventure to experience the beauty of Costa Rica. They both turn into transformation, Juan reads his first book and Jane learns about “Pura Vida” what may change her decision of ending up life in beautiful Costa Rica.



Everybody Deserves A Love Story and Everybody Deserves This Film!

After Words is a film with a wonderful love story. It shows that love knows no edges and you can’t plan or determine it, it simply happens.

The cover is beautiful, it exactly reflects the feeling you get in the movie. They look really happy and you feel the confidence and love. I like the quote “Everyone Deserves A Love Story” because it says perfectly what happens in the film. Jane is a woman doesn’t look like having and getting a love story and certainly not interested in it. But if you watch the film you look deeper inside librarian Jane, you’re getting an impression how weak and lonely she is and how broken her heart is because she feels no love for long time.

Marcia Gay Harden makes an extraordinary performance in representing the transformation of Jane. The transformation of Jane is spectacular, at the beginning she’s shy, introvert and very serious but then she changes in a woman knowing what she is and what she has and laughing a lot. It’s like she’s playing two different roles at the beginning and the end but she accomplishes to link them in a way that you notice the change but you doesn’t notice the size of the change. While you exactly feel, see and hear the change you feeling Jane being Jane all the time. It looks real. I can’t imagine someone else performing that role like this. She gives you the feeling that it happens exactly like this. Óscar Jaenada plays a surprising role, I didn’t expect Juan to be serious and to getting a love story with someone like Jane. But at the end it’s imaginable though it wasn’t at the beginning. He transformed very well, at the end you feel like Juan growing up. Óscar Jaenada makes it happened to balance on the narrow extent between being a womanizer and a good, serious father at the same time. It’s like having two lifes – the “working” and the home life. He did a great job. So did Jenna Ortega playing Anna. Although you don’t see her often, you’ve the impression that she’s very smart and wise more than her father, because SHE gaves HIM advice.

The story is perfect. On the one hand no one would expect the womanizer Juan being interested in a introvert, depressed librarian, on the other hand no one would expect the serious, weak Jane being interested in making his living off single female Juan. Seeing Jane and Juan for the first time it isn’t imaginable that they have a love story, but you it happens. It’s incredible in which way they develop themselves. Though you can’t imagine them both having an affair together it looks real as it happens. Juan is a very funny, stupid guy making his living off the single females and being able to handle woman, he hasn’t an effect that it’s possible that he can take things and feelings serious. But as Anna gives him advice you see another side of him. You realize that he has a lot of knowledge and experience with woman on a sexual level but he doesn’t have a lot on a feeling level. So Juan knows how to handle woman on the surface not on the inside, Jane is his first since his wife. Jane looks very introvert and not interested on the outside or in feelings. But you learn that she is interested in feelings, she just gets no chance. She makes an amazing change to a woman who cares for herself and for someone else. She becomes a beautiful woman, you wouldn’t think about the first time you see her. The people transform in the story so does the mood. First, it’s like sadness, poor Jane having a bad life, then it turns into fun, exploring the nature and it ends up beautiful life, loving and being loved.

There’s a lot of different music, sometimes music making you feeling sad, sometimes music making you feeling happy and sometimes music making you feeling great. There’s a great mixture between being pressed down by life, simply living and experiencing something wonderful. Some tracks really gave you the feeling of “Pura Vida”.
The landscape is beautiful I understand why Jane wants to see it before dying and why it heals her and makes her feeling better.

The voice of Jane sounding while pictures of the landscape are shown gives a good impression how Jane feels and what she blames about herself, about life.

The story is a story which makes me feeling better – every time I watched it I get in a good mood, I watch it when I’m very down and weak, it makes me to the point that I’m up and strong. I see and feel how weak Jane is and how good she goes out of the very bad situation. I learned that it will be better, no matter what happens. There’s every time a way out. I see how separate yourself from everything you’ve done before can change your life and sometimes there needs to be a change to be happy. You should not live in front of yourself rather enjoy life and do things you’ve never done, do things you fear and do things to waste time.

Create some beauty in a wasted life…


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Movies with same actor or actress?

Do you wonder why I choose films with the same actor or actress?
I can explain this, it’s very simple. I watch movies when I’ve found an actor or actress (I prefer actresses) who impressed me and whom I appreciate. Then I start watching the films in which he/she performed and I try to watch the whole filmography of him/her (but I never come to the end).

How you can see, at the moment I’m watching the filmography of Marcia Gay Harden and I really try to watch all of her movies!

Soon you will get some posts of the films in which Melissa Gilbert performed too, I’ve seen them before.

After Words Quotes


For me, public libraries would be a perfect place, except for one thing…
The public.”

John Milton wrote that a good book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit. And Paul Auster called reading his comfort and his escape.

If a person at death’s door does see her life flashing before her—meaningful images, moments of great beauty—what could possibly fly before my eyes in those final moments?

Where’s the beauty in a wasted life? And so the point of this trip? To create some beauty to play at the end. To make some pretty memories, even if it’s in a hopeless 11th hour of a pathetic life.

If it seems a foolish final wish, well, I haven’t done anything foolish in a while.

What’s the point? The good moments never last. I have no one to blame for this separation but myself.
It’s as if I received a shot that forever numbed to me. Only I gave myself that shot.

And he’s exactly right. It did not make much sense to take a shortcut on a final shortcut.

I wonder if I can feed myself to the wildlife from here up on the bridge. Would I wind up as a pair of boots? Or a handbag? Or maybe a belt? Go on, boys, make me an accessory.

I’m enjoying my final tour. Really, I am. There’s comfort in knowing I’m never going home. Unlikely as it may have seemed, I’m going out on a high.

Fitting in is a habit you either develop early or not. There’d be nothing more pathetic than attempting it now. Sitting amongst them would make it more obvious what a complete freak I am.

That’s the thing about a really great book. You can’t wait to get through it, but once it’s over it’s actually kinda sad.

““Remember, remember, this is now… and now… and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.””

I look like a woman who hasn’t worn a bathing suit in forever.

I don’t feel like a pathetic librarian anymore but I don’t really feel like myself either.

So whatever you do, just promise me this. Just promise me that you’ll remember that I had the best, best week of my entire life with you.

Your lips are like little pillows.

Everything’s great.

I traveled here to do a little living before I died. I guess I did a little too much living.


Jane, you do different things on vacation. You are on vacation. That’s why you came, right?

I knew a book talk would make you happy.


Women like sensitive men.


Juan and Jane:
Juan: “Well, I told you. I like words. I’m not too big on the books…
-Jane: “You could just pick up one and start.

Juan: “I want to start with the best book ever. Since you have read them all, which is the best one?

Why is that funny?
-Jane: “No, it’s just—That’s… an impossible question.
-Juan: “Why?
-Jane: “Cause there’s so many different kinds.

Juan: “You know…I’m Latin. I ask you all these questions about this. You know why?
-Jane: “Why?
-Juan: “It made you laugh. You should laugh in vacation, even if it’s at stupid me.


Anna and Juan:
Anna: “She told you read that?
-Juan: “No. I just wanted to read it. Is that so strange?
-Anna: “Yes! This is your first book…ever.

Anna: “Is she pretty?
-Juan: “Who?
-Anna: “The librarian.
-Juan: “I don’t know. Maybe.
-Anna: “How don’t you know? You look at her, don’t you?
-Juan: “Yeah, but I guess I just see how smart she is.
-Anna: “That’s so sweet, but that means she’s not very pretty.



After Words

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After Words Soundtracks



What Am I Gonna Do – Galia Arad (This is lost) What Am I Gonna Do Spotify

¿Qué más, Qué más? – Diane Denoir (Quién Te Viera) ¿Qué más, Qué más? Spotify

Lejos De Mi Tierra – Los Corales (Tropico “The Music”) Lejos De Mi Tierra Spotify

Coco y Ron – Daniel Indart (En La Palma De Tu Mano) Coco y Ron Spotify

Bailando Cumbia – Danny Osuna (Bailando Cumbia) Bailando Cumbia Spotify

Todo Es Posible – Cristian Amado (Todo Es Posible) Todo Es Posible Spotify

Esa Tristeza – Diane Denoir (Inéditas) Esa Tristeza Spotify

My Love – Cristian Amado (Todo Es Posible) My Love Spotify

Around – Seth Littlefield (Around) Around Spotify

Siento en Mi Tu Corazon – Cristian Amado (Todod Es Posible) Siento en Mi Tu Corazon Spotify


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After Words

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N. B. Garcia:
…but if you don’t spend time with her now…you’re gonna regret it the rest of your life.


Megan Stark:
I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.

Sometimes I think he can´t stand to be around me.

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
   Rage, rage, rage
  Against the dying of the light.”

We don’t have any options. I have days, weeks, maybe months.

I’m done fighting, Tom.

You’ re like sand, Tom. The harder I try to hold you, the quicker you slip through my fingers

I don’t wanna relax. I wanna live.

And I would like spend what little is left of my life doing exactly what I want to do…

I thought I had all this time…to be a woman. To be a wife…and a nurse, and a mother.
Then I found out I didn’t. I just didn’t. I don’t have any time.

I’m not afraid to die. But to think that I haven’t lived? That terrifies me.

I’m asking you to do this for me.

Tom…It’s gonna be okay.

People like to follow rules…

I love you, Davey. And I will stay with you. I will. Forever. Righthere.
(she’s touching his heart)


Tom Stark:
Don’t keep a lady wait.

I want you to know whatever happens…we’re in this together.


Tom and Megan Stark:
Tom: “Come on, there’s gotta be something.
– Megan: “There’s nothing.

Tom: “If I don’t work the rails, I’m nothing.
– Megan: “You’re my husband.

Tom: “What the hell are we doing?
– Megan: “I don’t know. I don’t know, but it feels good. I feel better than I have in a long time.”

Tom: “It used to be simple, you know? Black and white. There was a right thing to do and a wrong thing to do.”
– Megan: “Life is more like a gray area, Tom.
– Tom: “Not everything. Some things you know for certain.

Megan: “I don’t want you to have any regrets, Tom. Not because of me.
– Tom: “No, honey, I won’t.

Megan: “Promise.
– Tom: “Anything.
– Megan:”To fight for him. He is so much like you.
– Tom: “Whatever you want.
– Megan: “Promise.
– Tom: “I promise.





Rails&Ties Soundtracks

Rails&Ties Soundtracks



Kind Woman – Buffalo Springfield (Last Time Around)  Kind Woman Spotify

The Sweetest Gift – Sade (Lovers Rock) The Sweetest Gift Spotify

Sweet Thing – Van Morrison (Astral Weeks) Sweet Thing Spotify

Smile – Mike Combs (Rails&Ties) Smile Spotify

Into Dust – Mazzy Star (So Tonight That I Might See) Into Dust Spotify

I’ll Be Your Lover, Too – Van Morrison (His Band and The Street Choir) I’ll Be Your Lover, Too Spotify

In The Mirror – Nada Surf (The Weight Is A Gift) In The Mirror Spotify

You’ll Remember – Patty Griffin (Children Running Through) You’ll Remember Spotify

World Enough – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) World Enough Spotify

Love on a Train – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Love on a Train Spotify

Promise me – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Promise me Spotify

Meg in the Mirror – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Meg in the Mirror Spotify

Train Crash – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Train Crash Spotify

Davey Pretending – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Davey Pretending Spotify

Valentine’s Day – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Valentine’s Day Spotify

In the Park – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) In the Park Spotify

She’s gone, Kid – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) She’s Gone, Kid Spotify

Davey Runs – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Davey Runs Spotify

Please Don’t Go – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Please Don’t Go Spotify

Bad News – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) Bad News Spotify

On the Porch – Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens (Rails&Ties) On the Porch Spotify


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Hello everyone!

Nice to see you watching my website. It’s made with all of my heart.



Maybe you are wondering what ‘improvies’ mean, but it is as simple as it sounds. The first part of the name ‘impr-‘ represents the word “impressive”, and the last ‘-ovies’ stands for “movies”. So it is titled “impressive movies”, short “improvies”.



This website is about the films which have made something in myself, in my heart as I’ve watched them. The movies that impressed me.

It is not about the latest films, some films I will write about are a little older. All movies which are mentioned here, are movies I like and I would watch again, they are all good in my mind, some more and some less.

I will post articles about the movies I like. That will be articles about my opinion of the films and about that what they did to me.



Love to movies:

I do this because I really love watching movies and thinking about them. A lot of time of my day is taken by watching films(only a lot of the night), some people say it’s wasted time and you do that because your lazy. But I do not agree, it is a passion and I don’t do that to pass my time. I do that because I really love movies, I love watching a new story and watching great acting. Sometimes I think about a film for days or weeks because it has touched my heart so much. If I watched a film it is on my mind, I think about the story, what I would feel and do, about the acting, do they tap the full potential, about the things I can learn, what things in my mind I can change and I think about what it does to my heart.



Enjoy the website!





Rails&Ties is a Drama about a married couple and a boy who find together in an unusual way. Megan (performed by Marcia Gay Harden) and Tom Stark (performed by Kevin Bacon) have a hard fate, Megan has breast cancer for the third time, the doctors don’t see any possibility to handle it. The married couple has to face that she will die soon. As if that wouldn’t be enough, Tom who works as train man has a crash between his train and a car in which a woman, the mother of Davey Danner (performed by Miles Heizer), dies. While Megan and Tom experience how short life is Davey is looking for a new home.  He founds a lovely family in the Starks and makes Megan a wonderful few days before death. Whereas Tom opens his heart to the child and builds up a new relation to his adored wife.


A great movie with brilliant acting!

First of all, I have to say that I haven’t expected a movie in this dimension. First I’ve seen the cover I thought: „Okay, that will be a good movie, a simple story“. Then I’ve watched the movie…I rudimentary haven’t expect something like this. My expectation that it is a good movie hasn’t be confirmed, it is a great movie with a rich in content and internally consistent story! I get really surprised.

That movie doesn’t contain only one criteria of a great movie, it contains most of them, I guess.

The first criteria that is satisfied is the brilliant acting. You really feel to be a part of it and you feel the emotions. Marcia Gay Harden made a breathtaking performance. She allows you to be in it. She perfectly represents the emotions of Megan. You get an impression of the strength of her and the hardness of knowing you will die soon. I sympathize Megan’s loosing of believe, Marcia Gay Harden expresses perfect the absence of energy and power for fighting again. You see the hopelessness in the situation what makes you really sad because you feel like knowing that person and not want to loose her. There could have been no one better to express the presence of the role in this way. Kevin Bacon also did a great performance in the role of Tom Stark. You feel the love he is feeling for his wife. He lets you know how hard it must be to loose your love, the person who is by your side for long time. You understand his situation, the difficulties of knowing and seeing your wife will die soon although she is around you at the moment. The third one, Miles Heizer, makes nothing different, he takes you in the story too. As Davey Danner he has to figure out a tough situation. You realize the only person who matters for him is his mum, he feels very lonely because there is no one else in his life. Suddenly his mum gives up and suicides, at this point you really feel empathy for this boy, I was very sorry for him. He expresses very good what the boy is missing and the big wish and the needing of having a constant family with love and caresses. The three have fulfilled all the potential of the roles. You feel the love! Although Megan and Tom aren’t gentle at the beginning, you see the love. You feel they really love each other and no one else counts only by the looks to each other.

A second criteria is the great story, it is full of emotions. I’m very impressed by the fact that the story is heartbreaking and heart beating at the same time. While sadness is fulfilled the life there’s big love in the little moments. It is drama in a realistic way, you can imagine something like this happens in reality, in a life of a person you know although it is a hard and sad fate. The believability is very formidable.

The music is very suitable. It fits to what happens, the texts of the soundtracks express the feelings like the big love, it is accompanied by the melody which represents the sadness. A line of sadness pulls through the movie, in this line are little sequences of happiness, enjoying and living. So does the music, it underlines and emphasizes the love and the hopelessness of the situation. The soundtracks aren’t music you listen to in the charts, but after you’ve seen the movie, you are able to listen to it because you connect it to the movie – every song you listen, you are carried back into the scene of the movie.

Not every movie established to be watched more than one time, but this one did. You can watch Rails& Ties more than once and you will be inside the story every time. Your feelings are affected by the emotions in the film every time and you can cry all the time, although you have still watched it once. After the first time I felt like directly starting it again because I wanted to see more Megan, Tom and Davey. Now I have watched it three times and every time my heart was beating and breaking, I always was crying.

The story enables you to learn of it. I does, I learned for myself. I’ll take off that love is very important and very special. Only a few have the chance to meet their soul mates like Tom and Megan.
Sometimes there is no solution than giving up because there is a point when holding on is hurting more than giving up. So we have to accept what happens, also if we die young, sometimes there is no way out.
We all have the chance to make the best of our life before we die, we’re not supposed to waste time cause we don’t know when our time is over. If we want to do things it’s better to do them now, sometimes it’s too late.
The film expresses very well that knowing someone will die soon and loosing that one by death is the hardest thing happens in life.

Some things you know for certain…

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